Success Story of Nayagarh (1)

FARM POND- A Small intervention.

BACK GROUND – In the village Harekrushnapur under Tininalia nala micro watershed of Nayagarh block the farmers were facing acute shortage of water for most part of the year. Paddy is the only crop in Kharif season. In absence of water for irrigation the cultivated lands were left entirely fallow after Kharif harvest. Intermittent dry spells used to affect the Kharif crops in terms of productivity.

The problem was discussed with the farmers at the time of planning for the micro-watershed. It was decided to provide some form of protective irrigation to the land which would reduce the risk in Kharif crop and possibly support an additional crop in the rabi season.


During the year 2014-15, as per the plan 3 nos of Farm pond and two nos of check dams were constructed through watershed fund to harvest rain water for providing protective irrigation during kharif and taking second crop in Rabi season. One such Farm pond was excavated on the land of Sri Khetrabasi Mohanty, a small farmer having 4 Acres of land. He was not able to cultivate his entire land due to unpredictable monsoon. Being motivated by the watershed programme, he applied to the watershed committee for a Farm pond to be excavated on his land. After approval of his proposal an estimate for Rs 2,02,000/- was prepared and Sri Mohanty deposited Rs 20200/- towards WDF.

 After completion of the Farm Pond in 2015, it was completely filled by 2 to 3 rains. He took 3 Acres of paddy and 1 Acre of vegetable cultivation utilizing his entire land holdings. He could able to get good yield from paddy as well as vegetables utilizing water from the pond during dry spells. Being encouraged by the yield of kharif crop he took up vegetable cultivation in an area of 0.5 Acre during Rabi depending upon the stored water in the pond. He also planted lemon, Banana and Coconut plants on the bund for getting some supplementary income.




According to Sri Mohanty he got a net profit of Rs 1,20,000/- from different crops within one year. Other farmers have also utilized the available water for protective irrigation of Kharif crop and taking in Rabi vegetable in an area of 2.5 acres. The farming community in the village now believes that conserving rain water by  a small Farm pond can increase the productivity of their land prone to the drought earlier and thereby increase their farm income significantly.