Project Background:-

Like most other backward tribal villages of Mayurbhanj district, Panposivillagewas no different in having a large section of people living in   poverty and owing to low farm productivity, repeated crop failures and very few alternative livelihood opportunities in their village. Most of the villagers had marginal land holding which could not provide food security to them throughout the year resulting poor living standards. So the people of this village went to neighboring state in search of work and others depend on wage employment for their daily livelihood. It was difficult to earn enough money from single crop cultivation which was Paddy and life was becoming harder during summer due to less wage employment. After cultivation of paddy they used to leave their field un harvested due to lack of water. They were   ignorant about the intercropping cultivation.

Project Intervention/Activities Undertaken:-

1)In the meantime, IWMP team intervened in the village. Considering the poverty and debt situation in the village, the farmers /beneficiaries have approached the watershed committee through an application narrating the problem.

2)The watershed committee in their monthly meeting have put forth the problem to the WMT members and made a joint verification for fact finding.

3)Then one technical team moved to the spot for finalizing the survey works and preparation of plan and estimate for such construction. Now after the estimate is prepared at a cost of Rs.3,55,421/-(Rupees Three lakhs fifty five thousand four hundred twenty one)only  proposed the cost of estimate with an assurance for proportionate WDF deposit by the beneficiary.

4)It has been passed in the committee through a resolution with a request to the PIA to get the estimate technically sanctioned and administrative approval from the competent authorities before execution of project.

Farm pond at Panposi Village:-

Name of the MWS-    Khirodeswar

Name of the village-    Panposi

Item of Work-        Farm pond

Year of Construction-    2017-18

Estimated cost-        Rs.3,55,421/-

Name of the Beneficiary-Pratap ChandraMohanta


Impact of Farmpond:-

  • Provides water to start growing crops, without waiting rain to fall.
  • Provides Irrigation water during dry spells between rainfalls. This increases the yield, the number of crops in one year and the diversity of crops that can be grown.
  • Bunds can be used to raise vegetables and fruit trees, thus supplying the farm household with an additional source of income and nutritious food.
  • Farmers are able to apply adequate farm inputs and perform farming operations at the appropriate time, thus increasing their productivity and confidence in farming.
  • They check soil erosion and minimize siltation of waterways and reservoirs.
  • Supplies water for domestic purpose and livestock.
  • Promote fish rearing.
  • Recharge the ground water.
  • Improve drainage.

Beneficiaries are getting benefit:-

In vegetables expected from 1 acre        = 50000/- rupees  in two season   

In Piciculture and bund cultivation expected   = 12000/-   rupees  in a season

Cost Benefit-

Expenditure per acre                Return per acres in 1 year

Total expenditure = Rs.14000-15000/-               Return- Rs.50000-62000/-

net benefit per acre = Rs @35000.00/- to 45000/-

Net Outcome-

In 6 to 7 year total expenditure in farm pond will be recovered. Previously from    that piece of land he only getting Rs.6000-7000/- in paddy cultivation in a year. So net benefit of that farmer per year Rs.38000/-.